As a chemical maker ,
we have beencontributing to the global community
through environmentally friendly manufacturing
since its founding

We have world-recognized experience
and technology

The basis of YUKEN CHEMICAL’s products is
”Not to be harmful to the globe and people”

Over 4 decades
developing new ideas based on learning
from the past.


Our history started as chemicals and dyestuffs trading company for towel industry located in Imabari, where is the largest city of towel manufacturing in Japan.Our strength is high product quality and sophisticated technology which have been cultivated throughout the history.Now we play an essential role in developing and supporting Imabari Towel quality.


We are the only chemical maker specialized in denim in Japan. In the conventional washing process, a huge amount of water and some harmful chemicals have been used. Eliminating such undesirable substances and reducing the consumption of precious water, we devote ourselves to realizing sustainability society.


Since our engineer directly responds to customers, our strength lies in our speed, creativity, and our perspective of taking general view from specialized content to the whole. We have accumulated trust, research and achievements for more than 30 years, and continue developing based on the philosophy of improving safety and creating added value.