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Yuken products are widely used in textile, construction, toiletry and building clean maintenance etc. Our philosophy is that our products must be used without any bad influence on environment and human society.
We are always pursuing the balance of environment and economy, thinking workability.
Our unflagging effort is devoted to development of new products, innovating new technology based on long experience and technology in manufacturing development.
Our facilities in Japan and China are functioning as sources of supply for various fields and respond to various requirements from the valued customers quickly.



[Sales & Technical headquarters]
5-19, Higashitoriu-cho, Imabari-city,
Ehime 794-0801, JAPAN
Tel : +81-898-23-0426 (main)
Fax : +81-898-23-6225
[Head office & Factory]
5-14-22, Kitamura, Imabari-city,
Ehime 794-1502, JAPAN
Tel : +81-898-48-6964 (main)
Fax : +81-898-48-2312

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